Adam Aro, General Manager

Our General Manager and in-house beer guru, Adam Aro, is a South Bay native who grew up in Palos Verdes before heading off to Oregon for college. A life long Duck, who spends an incredible amount of time keeping [The Med] stocked with the best beer in the South Bay, (and we think greater Los Angeles area).

His close relationship with breweries gives us the one up when it comes to acquiring rare specialty kegs and bottled beer. Adam has a proficient palate for not only beer, but holds the title of a first level sommelier, and is in the final stages of studying for the coveted title of cicerone.

You can spot Adam on his off time around [The Med] or Hermosa Beach in Duck green and yellow attire. Adam is an avid golfer who enjoys traveling to breweries both local and remote to taste the latest and greatest in the craft beer scene.

————————————————————————————————————————————————-Pedro Pureco, Chef

PEDROPedro Puerco is the man in our kitchen! He started his culinary career in his late thirties as a prep cook at the Chart House in Central California, where he quickly climbed to management where he worked for four years.

He left the Chart House to move onto  California Cafe where he trained and worked as the Sous Chef, and later the Head Chef for seven years. He left to seek further training, experience different culinary techniques, and dive into the native foods of California. He found himself in the kitchen of a petite Italian restaurant called Piatti, where they featured a moderate size market menu that changed weekly. This is where Pedro’s creativity in the kitchen was able to shine. Unrestricted by a “corporate” set menu he was now free to create new and innovative menu items weekly. He truly found his calling while crafting dessert specials at Piatti and began creating exciting flavor profiles that kept patrons returning for more.

Pedro worked as our former chef’s right hand man, until she left to start her own restaurant and he was able to take the reigns. He is most in his culinary element with the creative flexibility he finds at [The Med] where he gets to experiment with weekly specials and desserts. He keeps it fresh by changing and modifying the dishes often and brings a unique and joyful taste to our menu.



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